What is the Seeds Covenant?


The Seeds Network comprised several communities, or ‘mobs’, who gathered around conversations, connections and commitments concerning the themes of spirituality, community and mission that have emerged out of the life of Urban Seed, Common Life, and are now shared by groups of people who live close to each other and the poor, share regular meals and organise in order to publicly express the following:

Know the Word: (Spirituality)
We encourage each other to think and write, meditate and pray. This includes our approach to worship gatherings and bible study, developing rhythms of prayer and public conversations eg. discernment walks and seminar series.

Grow Home through Slow Food: (Community)
We seek to re-imagine the ancient vows of poverty, chastity and obedience for our lives and create a sense of shared community around an open table.

Go Engage: (Mission)
We explore ideas and practical means of teaching, healing and casting out evil in order for a group to engage in service to our local communities.

Seeds groups covenant to discern the meaning of this charism using a Quaker based approach of queries and advices.  Various gatherings of the ‘mobs’ are held at various times each year to celebrate our common connections and commitments.  Groups covenant to meet at a consecration service and share a meal at the summer solstice and at a weekend retreat around the time of Pentecost.

Seeds groups share some common ‘marks & processes’ and  are presently convened in Melbourne City; Long Gully in Bendigo; Norlane in  Geelong and Footscray.