The Seeds Song

Were gunna keep on moving forward. x3

Never turning back.x2

The Seed is the Word of God;

We will find it in relationships;

We will offer hospitality (We are saved by…)

First with the poor but then with all;

We’ll meet God at the table (in Credo, Long Room etc);

Discerning truth together;

We’re gunna speak truth to the powers;

Preach, heal and cast out evil;

More than a job we are a mob; (or vica versa…they are connected!)

Blessed are the fundraisers;

We don’t need a lot of money;

Were gunna teach our children justice;

Small seeds can grow by dying;

Seeds they grow and seeds they die……

First developed out of Urban Seed Staff retreat 2002.
Other verses specific to various groups or moments can be added spontaneously.